poniedziałek, 20 lipca 2015

Our group

What we want to do.

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  1. Odpowiedzi
    1. Maurizio is from Italy and is the only man in our group, to his right sits Asya from Bahrain and the left side of Iwona is Felizia comes from Turkey.

    2. Our teacher is Susi, a woman in a blue shirt. It is very nice and competent.

    3. It's the first Turkish teacher wearing a hijab (headscarf) I have ever met.
      Asia's right - great intercultural experience!

  2. Catherine's Coffee Lounge, remember?
    Catherine's Coffee Lounge can be found next door to The Salvation Army in St Giles Street. It is open on weekdays from 9:30am to 3pm.

  3. Yes we remember, thank you very much.

  4. What a geat intercultural experience there :)! true you are the biggest power in the group. Enjoy your lessons!